My new tattoo courtesy of Charlotte Ross, artwork itself is by Annita Maslov

It’s not as red! Still sore as fuckkkkk however. 

Deleted the other photo, this one is better quality.
All done, sore and cannot walk. :c 

19 December 20125 Notes
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All le tattoos. (Taken with Instagram)

Right so this is the progress of my half sleeve, sat 6 hours. 
It’s Egyptian themed for anyone who can’t tell.
It has the goddess isis, key of life (ankh), half a scarab half a skull & all seeing eye which is actually traced back to Egyptian mythology.
Got 2 more hours to go of shading.  


Latest tattoo of mine, got it done yesterday! Number 4.

My tattooo, finally uploaded. 
Still really red. D:
Had to wait to wash it to take a picture, took about 4 hours.
Reconcile by Audrey Kawasaki, done by Gary @ Pure Ink Tattoo London. 

Soo this is the finished tattoo and all.
I’m all proud of myself because it took 3 hours of sheer pain and i didn’t make a sound just sat there bravely and didn’t ask for any breaks.

Anyway i love it anddd i hope you guys do also.
It was done by Lorenzo in Extreme needle tattoo, London.

09 June 201121 Notes
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